Establishing and Growing a Cover Crop Business

Establishing and Growing a Cover Crop Seeding and Service Business

Tuesday, July 30 | 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

Dan BaheLocation

2451 J Ave. | Stanley, IA 50671


Dan & Jessica Bahe | Bahe Cover Crops


Dan Bahe and his father, Don, first dabbled in cover crops 10 years ago with rye spread by their local co-op on an 80-acre seed corn field. The following year, they bought their own 15-foot drill and some cover crop seed and never looked back, seeding for neighbors in addition to their own acres. Dan took over the operation in 2015 and has gradually grown the business to about 5,000 acres that he seeds today.

With the help of his wife, Jessica, Dan has enjoyed adding other services to the mix, such as selling humic and fulvic products, selling equipment and parts online and advising on cost-share opportunities. Come hear Dan’s tips for getting started in the cover crop seeding business, with a close look at helpful equipment for growing your operation.


Lunch will follow the field day.

See & Discuss

  • Overcoming challenges to getting started with custom cover crop seeding
  • Balancing priorities: acres vs. profitability vs. family time
  • Diversifying a custom-seeding business by offering extra services
  • Making the switch to full-time farming with the help of a cover crop business
  • Finding the right equipment to grow your operation
  • A Crustbuster 40-foot drill, a J&M LC390 and bulk seed bins

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  • Continuum Ag
  • Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance
  • Iowa Cover Crop