Going With the Grain

Going With the Grain: Diversified, Small-Scale Grain Farming With On-Farm Processing

Andrea HazzardFriday, July 19 | 4-6:30 p.m.


14041 Kelley Rd. | Pecatonica, IL 61063


Andrea Hazzard | Hazzard Free Farm


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Andrea Hazzard farms heirloom corn, oats, wheat, barley, rye, flax and other small grains, oilseeds and dry beans on Hazzard Free Farm, her small farm outside of Pecatonica, Illinois. After starting with a small vegetable CSA in 2007, Andrea decided to switch to grain production in 2012. Building on what she learned from her farming family growing up, she has expanded her diversity of crops and underseeds all her small grains with clover to increase ground cover and stabilize nutrient flow. She processes all her own grains and sells to local restaurants, grocers and co-ops, along with shipping her orders. Andrea is eager to share her seed-saving process, show her diversity of crops and walk through steps for processing and marketing food-grade grains.


A light dinner will follow the field day at 5111 Ahrens Road.

See & Discuss

  • Heirloom corn in the field
  • How to operate a seed-saving and gravity table
  • Trying out flax for seed, oil and fiber
  • Storing, handling and milling food-grade grains amidst a feed-grade operation
  • Small grains underseeded with clover
  • Marketing opportunities for food-grade grains
  • Navigating federal programs and certification processes

Location Notes

The field day will begin at 14041 Kelley Road. Later during the field day, attendees will caravan to the second location at 5111 Ahrens Road., about 6 miles away.

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