Honing Pasture Management

Honing Pasture Management With Rotational Grazing + Cover Crops

David RosmannSaturday, Aug. 10 | 3-5 p.m.


1222 Ironwood Rd. | Harlan, IA 51537


David Rosmann & Becky Tompkins-Rosmann, Ron Rosmann & Maria Vakulskas Rosmann, Daniel Rosmann & Ellen Walsh-Rosmann, Mark Rosmann & Virginia Lehner-Rosmann
Rosmann Family Farms and Farm Sweet Farm


David Rosmann operates Rosmann Family Farms in Harlan, Iowa, with his wife Becky and their two daughters, Maggie and Ellie, his parents Ron and Maria and other family members. Their 700-acre certified organic farm is a mixture of field crops, pasture, popcorn, small grains and hay as well as cattle and hogs. David is a lifetime member of PFI currently serving as president of PFI’s board of directors. His parents were among the first PFI members and on-farm research cooperators.

Strong proponents of rotational grazing, the Rosmanns pay close attention to the health of their pastures at all stages of their grazing calendar. At this field day, you’ll learn how the Rosmanns manage pasture outside of grazing periods. David will discuss the cool- and warm-season planting mixes that accompany each grazing period. He’ll share how the farm lowers its overall inputs by composting manure. You’ll also hear how the Rosmanns seed rotational cover crops, such as hybrid rye, for livestock feed and as a supplement for cattle and hogs.


Dinner will follow the field day.

See & Discuss

  • Timing rotational grazing practices based on farm and livestock needs
  • Rotating and interseeding cool- and warm-season small grains for continual grazing
  • Converting cropland to pasture and deciding on pastureland duration
  • Using compost and cattle on the land to reduce inputs in the soil
  • Using rye and hybrid rye as supplemental feed to reduce corn feed, and deciding which is best for you


  • Farming for Public Health
  • Iowa Organic Association
  • Iowa State Department of Agronomy
  • Iowa State University Organic Ag Program
  • OCIA Chapter 1 of Iowa
  • Premier 1 Supplies
  • Riverside Feeds, LLC
  • Sustainable Iowa Land Trust
  • Wheatsfield Cooperative