Improving Soil

Improving Soil Through Nitrogen Reduction and Conservation Practices

Alec and Rachel AmundsonWednesday, July 24 | 2-4 p.m.


3386 Hickory Ave. | Osage, IA 50461


Alec & Rachel Amundson


Alec and Rachel Amundson operate a 100% cover cropped, no-till corn and soybean farm spanning 2,400 acres in Mitchell County, Iowa. In 2018, they started experimenting with cover crops on a small number of acres. Since then, they have found new rotation options that work for them, including diversified rotations, alternative crops and managing inputs such as variable-rate fertilizer and seed.

In 2020, Alec and Rachel started participating in PFI’s Cooperators’ Program to answer questions about their farm through on-farm research. One recent trial explored the impact of reducing nitrogen. With guidance and tips from other farmers, they have made adjustments to in-field and edge-of-field practices that benefit the their farm’s soil and water quality. Join Alec and Rachel for a lively discussion and tour of their cropping and edge-of-field conservation practices.


Light refreshments will be provided during the field day.

See & Discuss

  • Relay intercropping cereal rye and soybeans
  • No-till corn and soybean production with covers
  • Use of a bioreactor and the Conservation Reserve Program
  • Fixing nitrogen by interseeding red clover into small grains
  • Results of a nitrogen reduction on-farm research project through PFI’s Cooperators’ Program
  • Using cover crops to improve water quality in the Rock Creek Watershed


  • Grain Millers
  • Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance