Creating a Legacy of Conservation

Creating a Legacy of Conservation in Traditional Row Cropping

08.10 MertenThursday, Aug. 10 | 10 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

Host: Joe Merten

In partnership with Pheasants Forever

Address: 19111 515th Ave. | Austin, MN 55912

Speaker: BJ Werk – Minnesota Pheasants Forever


The Merten family farm is a 2,200-acre corn and soybean farm in Austin, Minnesota. After taking over farm operations from his father in 1995, Joe has steadily been adding conservation strategies to the farm. In their fields they are working to reduce tillage and nitrogen and looking at their field data for precision conservation opportunities. Through partnerships with Pheasants Forever and other organizations, they have established habitat to critical and sensitive areas throughout their operation, including CRP, wetlands, prairie and buffer strips.

Come hear from the Mertens about their past experiences, current projects and decision-making process to improve profitability through a lens of precision conservation on a row crop farm.

Lunch will follow the field day. 

Sponsored by: 

  • Albert Lea Seed
  • M J Merten Partnership and Pioneer

See & Discuss:

  • Data-driven precision conservation
  • Conservation programs
  • Nitrogen reduction and reduced tillage
  • Buffer strips and water quality
  • Pollinators
  • Creating habitat
  • Managing CRP
  • Economically viable conservation



Attendees may park behind a large workshop nearest the road when they pull into the property.