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PFI’s cost-share programs help farmers and landowners make their farms more resilient by providing financial incentives and technical support to help implement and master a variety of resilient farming practices.

Using incentives and support, we help farmers with cover crops, diversifying crop rotations, reducing nitrogen, grazing, precision conservation and other practices that improve soil health and water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase wildlife habitat.

Cover Crops

Seeding fall cover crops? We’ve got a number of programs that can help cover the cost.

Eligibility is linked to where you sell corn or soybeans.

Learn more about cover crop cost-share here.

Small Grains

This program is for growers extending their cropping rotation with a small-grain and legume cover crop.

We have cost-share for both the small-grain and corn years of your rotation.

Learn more about small grain cost-share here.

Habitat Incentives

We provide technical and financial resources to help farmers and landowners implement practices like prairie strips, pollinator habitat and precision conservation analysis.  

Interested in making space for wildlife while improving water quality and soil health?  

Learn more about our habitat incentives program.

Produce Safety

Our goal is to open more markets for more farmers.

We provide cost-share to help farmers pay for on-farm food safety improvements that enable them to meet the food safety requirements of more markets.

Learn more about produce safety cost-share here.


Beneficial Insects

We are seeking urban farmers who would like to plant beneficial insect habitat on their urban farm.

We will pay for native plants so you can create insectary strips or pollinator habitat to increase natural predation and pollination.

Learn more about beneficial insects cost-share here.

Have you heard about our N Rate Risk Protection Program?

With agronomic consulting from PFI staff and a risk protection, PFI can help you reduce nitrogen applications on your farm – saving you money and increasing your farm’s resiliency.

Learn more