Published Aug 23, 2019

The Value of Hybrid Rye for Livestock – Dr. Becca Stokes & Molly McGhee

By Practical Farmers of Iowa

Cereal rye is often used as a cover crop, but have you heard of hybrid rye? This versatile winter crop can be used as livestock feed as silage for cattle and as a grain for swine.

In this session Molly McGhee and Dr. Becca Stokes present their research on the nutritional value hybrid rye can provide your livestock.

This blog has more information about feeding rye to pigs

PFI research on including hyrbrid rye in pig rations

This presentation was part of Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Rotationally Raised: Making Small Grains Work conference on August 15-16, 2019 in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Click here to learn more about PFI’s work with small grains.