Practical Farmers of Iowa’s mission is equipping farmers to build resilient farms and communities. Practical Farmers of Iowa is an inclusive organization representing a diversity of farmers. Farmers in our network raise corn and soybeans, hay, livestock large and small, horticultural crops from fruits and vegetables to cut flowers and herbs, and more. Our members have conventional and organic systems; employ diverse management practices; run operations of all sizes; and come from a range of backgrounds. These farmers come together, however, because they believe in nature as the model for agriculture and they are committed to moving their operations toward sustainability.

Mission, Vision, Values

As an organization, Practical Farmers’ mission, vision and values are central to the work we do each day.


Practical Farmers of Iowa was founded in 1985 as an organization for farmers. We use farmer-led investigation and information sharing to help farmers practice an agriculture that benefits both the land and people.


Practical Farmers recognizes its member leaders who take an active role in the organization and the larger sustainable agriculture community.

Award Recipients  Outreach Leaders


As an organization of and for farmers, our farmer-members are the catalysts guiding the directions we take in our program areas.

Practical Farmers’ board is composed primarily of farmers – a key requirement that helps the organization stay focused on its farmer members’ priorities.


Meet our dedicated and hard-working staff.

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For permission to rebroadcast archived farminars, use the Practical Farmers logo or reprint blog entriesmagazine stories or other communications, please contact Tamsyn Jones at (515) 232-5661 or tamsyn@practicalfarmers.org.

The Practical Farmer magazine (formerly called newsletter) allows reprints and adaptations with permission. Please use the following statement with the reprinted or adapted piece: Reprinted (Adapted) with permission from the (date and number) issue of the Practical Farmer, a publication of Practical Farmers of Iowa.

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