Celize Christy

Next Generation Coordinator

Celize ChristyCelize joined Practical Farmers of Iowa in June 2018 as swine and poultry coordinator and took over the next generation coordinator role in March 2020. Celize’s work focuses on working with aspiring farmers through the Labor4Learning program, FindAFarmer site and Latino Outreach project. She will also be supporting programming in farm transfer.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Celize obtained her B.S. from Iowa State University in 2016, majoring in Animal Science and Global Resource Systems with a minor in Spanish. Her studies at Iowa State allowed her to take her curiosity about livestock production systems worldwide. Her excitement for poultry has allowed her to travel to Uganda in 2014 and 2015, working with farmers on their poultry production practices and with women who obtained microloans to raise chickens. Following graduation from ISU she went on to obtain a M.S. degree from Penn State University in 2018, where she majored in Rural Sociology and International Agricultural Development. Her thesis research focused on how poultry farmers in Rwanda use local knowledge to aid in addressing poultry health issues.

In addition to her interest in poultry and livestock systems, Celize has been a supporter of sustainable and equitable food systems. She is an advocate of validating farmers voices, highlighting the significance by sharing their stories and lessons.

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