Lydia English

Headshot LydiaEnglishSenior Field Crops Viability Manager


Lydia English joined the PFI staff in the summer of 2020. As the senior field crops viability manager, she oversees cost-share and business development projects that empower farmers to grow more cover crops and small grains in extended rotations.

Lydia is an Iowa transplant, having grown up in Rhode Island. Prior to working at PFI, she graduated with a master’s degree from Iowa State University in sustainable agriculture and ecology and evolutionary biology – a dual focus that reflects her interest in fusing ecology and agriculture to create diversified farming systems. Her first foray into research was in tallgrass prairie systems and she continues to have a soft spot for native plant restoration.

Lydia loves the Midwest but doesn’t forsake an opportunity to visit her family back in the Ocean State and gorge on seafood. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, crafting, being outdoors and thrifting.