Meghan Filbert

Livestock Farm Viability Manager

Meghan Filbert

Meghan Filbert joined Practical Farmers of Iowa in 2014 and serves as the livestock farm viability manager. She is passionate about addressing barriers to bringing more livestock back on the land. In her role, she supports farmers who are working to integrate livestock into cropping systems, graze regeneratively, raise pasture-based livestock and market their meat.

Meghan studied animal science and international agriculture at Iowa State University and Cornell Universities. Prior to PFI, she worked as an extension educator in the Catskill Mountains of New York, where dairy farming is the backbone of rural communities. Meghan specialized in dairy calf health, manure management and water quality in New York City’s watershed. She’s able to apply her passion for livestock, land stewardship, healthy foods and resilient rural communities every day in her work at Practical Farmers.

When not at work, you can find Meghan out on the prairie or in the woods with her husband and son. They live on a farm in the Des Moines River Valley where they use goats and sheep to reclaim Iowa’s native oak savanna. Meghan’s pursuits include sampling dairy products from around the world and visiting every country that starts with a U (she has United Arab Emirates and Uzbekistan left on the list!).

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