Landowner Coaching Program

Engaged land ownership is a critical element of implementing lasting change on our land. Many non-operating landowners understand the importance of farm productivity, soil heath and water quality, but may need advice on how to make changes on their farm.

Landowner participants will meet with a professional farm manager over a one-hour Zoom meeting to discuss farm details and ask specific questions about their farm. The professional farm manager will use the information to create a desktop farm review report with achievable next steps.

The desktop review will include a written report with maps and a farm analysis. This easy-to-read report may be used as a roadmap for future action and as a conversation-starter with farm operators, family members or neighbors.

After the initial consultation, landowner participants may opt for additional consulting services, such as lease reviews, income analysis, review of potential farm improvements, tenant reporting and water testing. These one-on-one services will be offered at straightforward, flat-fee costs to simplify the consulting process.

Initial priority will be given to landowner participants in the Raccoon River and Des Moines River watersheds.

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  • You must own at least 80 acres or more.
  • Your farm must be in Iowa. Priority will be given to farms located in the Raccoon River and Des Moines River watersheds.
  • Your farm must be engaged in crop production.
  • You must be comfortable with or willing to use virtual platforms.

Sign up for the Landowner Coaching Program

Thank you for your interest in the Landowner Coaching Program; this pilot program is offered as a partnership between Practical Farmers of Iowa, Peoples Company and Des Moines Water Works thanks to generous funding from the Walton Family Foundation.

Unfortunately, participation in this pilot coaching program is limited. Please complete the following questions to determine your eligibility for the Landowner Coaching Program. You may also be asked to provide baseline information about your farm and farm ownership and rental arrangements.

Please note that through this program, we able to offer desktop reviews and landowner coaching for one farm only per landowner participant. Farm size is not limited, but parcels must be relatively contiguous. If you own multiple farms, please select only one for participation in this program.


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Iowa’s largest drinking water utility – Des Moines Water Works – is impacted by fields that drain into the Raccoon River and Des Moines River watersheds. The Landowner Coaching program is a cooperative partnership that benefits all stakeholders in the watershed by encouraging investments in conservation that, over time, will benefit farmers, landowners and community members by keeping one of our most precious natural resources – the soil – on the landscape while improving water quality for all Iowans.