Beginning Farmers

Starting out in farming? You are not alone! Practical Farmers members want to lend a hand.

Beginning Farmer Financial Workshop

Saturday, March 11, 9am – 4pm

CG Therkildsen Activity Center, Halan IA (map)
The workshop is intended for beginning farmers who are motivated to improve their financial and business knowledge for their existing or future farm. We will cover financial literacy and available programs for farm financing. Attendees will have time to create a projected income statement. The afternoon we will focus on marketing and production efficiencies.

At Practical Farmers of Iowa, we grow more than crops – we grow people. Our members have indicated their top priority is getting beginning farmers on the land so Iowa family farms will continue generation after generation, providing healthful food, profits to families, healthy ecosystems and vibrant communities. More than 1,500 beginning farmers are in our network, and 75 percent are currently farming. Our beginners tell us they need to network with others like them to get help writing a business plan and gain access to capital and land. We provide opportunities to learn production, marketing, financial, stewardship and life lessons from experienced farmers at our conferences, workshops, beginning farmer gatherings, online seminars, on-farm field days and more.

Resource Guides

Savings Incentive Program

Beginning farmers: Receive guidance from a farm mentor and earn up to $4,800 while you work to complete or maintain your farm business plan.


Farminars are Practical Farmers’ version of a webinar. These free, 90-minute online seminars are produced to help farmers learn about business and production issues that matter to them.

Find a Farmer

Find a Farmer facilitates the exchange of land from one generation to the next, whether you are a beginning farmer looking for land or a landowner looking for a beginning farmer.

Beginning Farmer Retreat

This annual event brings beginning farmers together to network, plan and discuss ways to improve their farms while helping to build a sense of community.


The Labor4Learning program helps beginning farmers get paid on-the-job training with experienced farmers, and pays experienced farmers for their time and effort.

Farm Employment FAQ

The Farm Employment FAQ provides answers to frequently asked questions about the rights and responsibilities for Iowa farm workers and farm employers.