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Iowa was once a nationwide leader in small grain production, especially oats, but many farm families haven’t grown them for a generation. Now that more and more members have become interested in growing small grains, Practical Farmers of Iowa’s staff and members have been busy compiling information about how to plant, harvest, store, and sell small grains.

Rotationally Raised -- Making Small Grains Work Conference

On August 17, 2017, Practical Farmers of Iowa will host our first ever small grains half-day conference in Ames, IA. This event, Making Small Grains Work, will gather the top small grains growers, researchers and buyers from the region to share their expertise on making the most of these crops. The conference events are scheduled from 11:30 AM-6:00 PM including lunch and an early evening reception in the Quality Inn and Suites Starlite Conference Center (2601 E 13th St Ames, IA 50010). This event is free from PFI members and $40 for non-members. Click here to find out more about membership or become a member.

Making Small Grains Work Conference Schedule and Information

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ISU Oat Variety Trials : 201220132014 – 2015ne – 2015nc

Illinois Wheat and oat Variety Trials

Nebraska Hard Winter Wheat Variety Trials

Minnesota Small Grain Variety Trials:  Oats Barley Spring Wheat

Practical Farmers of Iowa Oat Variety Trial: 20152016

North Dakota State University: Oat/Barley/Rye – Spring Wheat –  Winter Wheat 

South Dakota State University: Oat – Spring Wheat – Winter Wheat 

University of Wisconsin: Oat/Barley – Winter Wheat

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