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Following a 2016 tomato trial on Rebelski and Mountain Fresh Plus, three farms conducted replicated variety trials in their high tunnels on Big Beef, Rebelski, and Big Dena. Each farmer planted two tomato varieties inside a high tunnel in a randomized, paired trial. Farmer-researchers for this trial were: Tim Landgraf (One Step at a Time Gardens in Kanawha), Lee Matteson and Rose Schick (Lee’s Greens in Nevada), and Mark Quee (Scattergood Farm at Scattergood Friends School in West Branch). Spacing, mulch, trellis style, and planting date were determined by farm, and described in Table 2. Plants for the trial were started indoors and transplanted to the high tunnel (in-ground).

November 20, 2017 


Three farms conducted replicated
variety trials in high tunnels of
tomato varieties: Big Beef, Rebelski,
Big Dena.
Key Findings
• No farm showed statistical differences
in overall yield (lb/ft2) among
• Landgraf and Quee had statistical
differences in size and number
of tomatoes, with Rebelski having
more and smaller fruits than Big
• All farms will continue to use Big
Beef as a high tunnel variety, and
Matteson/Schick will also continue
to use Big Dena, which held its size
later into the season.



Field day will explore hand tools, implements for small vegetable farms – Nov. 5, in Iowa CityFor Release: October 24, 2017 Contacts: Jason Grimm | (319) 622-3264 | [email protected] | Tamsyn Jones | Outreach & Publications Coordinator | Practical Farmers of Iowa | (515) 232-5661 | [email protected] IOWA CITY, Iowa – For vegetable farmers, [...]

October 24, 2017 


Gary and Carol Gadbury are urban farmers in Manhattan, Kansas, where they work on a large backyard plot to raise vegetables, fruit, chickens and cereals. “We kind of have a woodland garden area and a vegetable garden area and a small orchard,” Carol says. These practices are a natural culmination of the Gadburys’ careers. The […]

October 5, 2017 


“I can’t remember a time in my life when gardening wasn’t part of my life,” said Darla Eeten of Good Eetens Produce Farms. Darla and her husband Michael run the all natural produce farm on 12 acres outside Everly. They aim to sustainably produce vegetables, fruit and cut flowers with little to no mechanization and […]



Color and fashion were the first topics of the day at Fred Howell’s field day. Surprising? Not if you want flowers to be a successful part of your business. “New color trends starts in home fashion magazines… it the color is accepted there, then it goes into women’s fashion, which is fairly disposable. Then it […]



Field day will explore lessons learned on a beginning vegetable farm, draft-horse power – Oct. 21, in HancockFor Release: October 4, 2017 Contacts: Jayme Fowler | Wild Furrow Farm | (402) 290-5856 | [email protected] Tamsyn Jones | Outreach & Publications Coordinator | Practical Farmers of Iowa | (515) 232-5661 | [email protected] HANCOCK, Iowa – For [...]

October 4, 2017 


PFI Cooperators’ Program celebrates 30 years of farmer-led on-farm researchFor Release: September 28, 2017 Tom Frantzen, New Hampton Dick Sloan, Rowley Jeff Olson, Winfield Contacts: Nick Ohde | Research & Media Coordinator | Practical Farmers of Iowa | (515) 232-5661 | [email protected] Stefan Gailans | Research & Field Crops Director | Practical Farmers of Iowa [...]

September 28, 2017 


Field day will explore dried flower production at Howell’s Greenhouse and Floral – Sept. 23, near CummingFor Release: September 7, 2017 Download PDF (103 kB) Cindy and Fred Howell and grandchildren Dried flowers at Howell’s Greenhouse and Floral Fresh and dried flowers Flowers growing in the field Contacts: Fred Howell | Fred’s Greenhouse and Floral [...]

September 7, 2017 


Is it possible to “accidentally” start a business? If you ask Jan Libbey, co-founder of North Iowa Fresh, the answer is “yes”. Jan is the first person to admit that she wears several hats. In fact, it was while she was wearing her Healthy Harvest of North Iowa hat that the conversation began about looking […]

August 29, 2017