Shared Learning Calls

Small grains shared learning calls are conference calls where you can listen and talk with other farmers and small grains enthusiasts. Each month our speaker(s) share experiences and production practices for 15 to 20 minutes then we open the floor for questions and discussion for the rest of the hour. All you need to join is a phone or a computer!

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We use Zoom to host these virtual events. To participate in shared learning calls, you can either join by phone or computer.

Marsden Research Update with Marshall McDaniel

February 3 | Noon – 1 p.m.

Marshall McDanielMarshall works as an associate agronomy professor at ISU. His research focuses on the interactions between soils and plants and how humans can interfere with or enhance these interactions.

In this shared learning call hear from Marshall about ongoing ISU research at Marsden farms.

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Shared Learning Call Schedule – Winter 2022-23

  • January 6 – Speaker: Scott Schultz – The Many Uses of Red Clover
  • February 3 – Speaker: Marshall McDaniel – Marsden Research Update
  • March 10 – TBD

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